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Creative building events fusing the framework of a video game with hands-on building activities



Have you ever booked a program that felt like an activity you could have run yourself?

Have you ever booked a program that failed to engage the participants?

Have you ever booked a program that lacked a clear message?

Buildwave is different.


Participants are led through waves of high energy building activities using materials like Lego®, PlusPlus®, Kapla®, and more. The entire experience is hands-on from start to finish.

Dazzling Format

Buildwave features a captivating audiovisual component that sets it apart from every other enrichment program, making it feel more like a video game rather than just another enrichment activity.

Creative Confidence

After completing wave after wave of creative building exercises, each participant walks away from Buildwave with a renewed sense of creative confidence.


It never feels good to book a program that doesn’t meet expectations.

With Buildwave, you can be confident you’re booking a program your community will love.

Over 100 venues

Over 500 events

Over 5,000 participants

We’ve hosted Buildwave several times over the years. The program first appealed to us because we were searching for an engaging, high energy, STEM program that could entertain a wide age range of kids. It was challenging to find programs that could accommodate a variety of patrons with varying skills and comfort levels. The Buildwave program brought STEM learning to the library in a fun way that thrilled kids of all age levels. I would absolutely recommend Buildwave!

Sonja Drutar | Head of Youth Services | Shrewsbury Public Library | Shrewsbury, MA

We have flexible programming options for your community.

Whether you're booking for a library, a community education course, an after-school program, a team building event, or even a birthday party, we have a program for you.



A high energy creative building event that encourages imaginative play and collaboration.

Great for School Vacation Days, Summer Reading Programs, Birthday Parties, Team Building Events, and more!

After you book, we’ll run a 1-hour program at your location. Options are available for 30-minute and 20-minute programs as well.


A 6-12 week program featuring a series of building events that scale in complexity and challenge.

Great for Community Ed. Courses, After-School Clubs, Libraries, and more!

After you book, we’ll run (6-12) 1-hour programs at your location. Options are available for 12+ weeks as well.

Day Camp

A one week, half-day camp featuring creative building activities and artistic crafting projects.

Great for School Vacations, After-School Clubs, Libraries, Summer Camps, and more!

After you book, we’ll run a 5 day program at your location (3 ½ hours per day). Options are available for 3 and 4 days as well.

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At Buildwave, we know you want to enrich the lives of the people in your community. External enrichment programs are a great way to supplement your internal offerings, but many of these programs fall short on engagement. They either feel like a lesson to sit through or a performance to stare at. After booking a program that fails to engage your community members, you feel like not only was it a waste of time and money, but that you could be doing so much more to enrich their lives.

When you book an enrichment program, you should get a truly captivating and special event. That's why our creative building programs feature high energy, hands-on activities with materials like Lego® and PlusPlus®, presented in a format unlike any other. We'll work with you to choose the perfect program for your community, pick a date, and put on an event like you've never seen. Contact us today and book a program that will wow your community.


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